Friday, October 9, 2009

Molly turned 26

Molly is the one on the right and Mike is walking with our Mya... of course all the kids love both of them.

Molly is our 3d child... she turned 26 on Oct. 7. I rarely share about our "grown up" kids so I thought I would start with Molly...... She was always an "easy" child from her birth. We often teased her we should have named her "Joy". She was easy to home school and has a usually laid back personality. She also loves animals... we have had lots of her "animal friends" and even now she continues to "collect" them. She works as an ER tech. and medic . She just bought her first home and is dating Mike. They have been busy renovating it since August. She is a very creative person who can figure out patterns and make it look so easy when she crochets, knits or does needlepoint. She has always been a child also who "did her own thing" and we love that about her. She also does dog grooming and boys hair.... not sure of that connection but we laugh that a family can bring their dog and boys to get their hair done. She does all of our boys hair and cuts the girls hair too.... We have been blessed by her being in our lives and know the Lord has plans for her sweet, tender heart...

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