Sunday, October 18, 2009

We decided to stay home this am from church

We have had some illness like high fever, cough and cold symptoms with some of the kids . There are lots of people , teachers, families at our church who are sick as well. We got a call at 2 am from Mary Kate that Ava was having trouble breathing with croup. Her colds seem to come like this at least once during the winter. They asked us to pray and then 15 minutes later called us back and asked if I could come over. They live only about 8 minutes away and so Paul and I went over. She seemed better but still raspy. So we all came back to our house and they slept in their old room . Our Sunday school class had a project to make and send care packages to college students and we had breakfast as a snack for the helpers...I was in charge of the food so he took what I prepared and set it up for me. I thought maybe we were getting the flu but as it turned out it has only been colds. None the less we have decided to stay home and enjoy being home on a Sunday am.... Here are a few of things we did...I made a big breakfast ( some of the food I had made for the Sunday school class)- eggs, sausage balls, a raspberry, sour cream coffee cake and left over birthday cake and donuts. Molly was here with Roxy, we are doing our own worship time and then just hanging out... we had 4 seperate Monopoly games going and one Life game. Paul is working with the awana's kids to build their derby cars for a race. It has been a great afternoon... What are some of your favorite hanging out things to do?


Mike and Christie said...

Sounds like a good idea to lay low!
Poor Ava... I hope she is feeling better. When Anna or Erika get colds, they can sound rather croupy!

We LOVE to play chess, backgammon and Blockus. I think we play chess every morning. DAD read 1 page in the book we have called, "How to Beat Your Dad at Chess", and he has been a killer player ever since! :)

I love late breakfasts and hot coffee on a cold morning.

We too like to read bible verses and sing worship songs together.
This is our Tuesday evening worship time; but when we stay home, we do the same. :)
Happy Lord's Day!

relying on God said...

sounds like a good time. Well wishes for all!
I played pictionary this afternoon with my mom and sisters. That would probably be an all time favorite game of mine (right up there with pass the pigs). Singing together different hymns we know and love while Mom or Mel play the piano is always great too!

Hevel said...

We tend to skip Saturday mornings (though we almost always go to Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday eve), and then in the winter we usually watch the surise together, praying the Shema together, reading through the parshah (weekly Torah portion) with the kids, play thinking games as writing and drawing and cutting and what not are forbidden by the Torah on the Shabbat (not that we are Shomrei Shabbat, but this tradition is kept alive). We play word games that are great to build vocabulary, 20 questions and such games. We sing a lot on the Shabbat.

As the Shabbat is the only day that the kids have off school we do different things in the afternoon. Usually at least part of my huge family gathers in the evening for Havdalah after which we usually have a nice dinner together.