Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A post about God's provision in our lives

I have had a few days of devotions that have encouraged me and I thought I would share some of my thoughts about how we do what we do... adopt so many children and raise them... We are christian and hopefully live our lives in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord. I have shared that a man who lived a long time ago has influenced Paul's and my life very much as well as a man who is still alive serving the Lord today. The first is George Mueller and some of these quotes are from him....His life of prayer has encouraged me greatly... he never shared prayer requests with "people" but with the Lord only and always the Lord provided in His own time..... One time the orphanage he was running was out of food for the children and he and the children prayed for food. That morning a bread wagon broke down in front of the orphanage and they had food. Another time a milk truck also broke down and the children had milk. If you read any books about him you can tell he was a man of prayer and the Lord provided for all thier needs. He would often not take a salary from his church and at the years end the amount of money his family received from annoymous or unique ways was more than his salary if he had been paid. I recommend reading about this amazing man.

These are some thoughts from my devotions :

It is always safe to live by God's methods and to live by His clock.

Wherever God's finger points... His hand will clear a way.

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything.... anxiety should never be found in a believer.

One way or another, we must all learn the difference between trusting in the gift and trusting in the Giver. The gift may last for a season, but the Giver is the only eternal love.

Our life has been lived with the Lord pointing all thru our life and then providing for us as we took the step of faith to follow His will . His will has lead us to adopt 19 children and to have 5 bio. so far. We do not have anything typical to most families and life is intense but, the Lord is in it all. It has been such a journey to have walked and one we do feel blessed by.

Here is a picture of just one way the Lord gently reminds us that he is our provider. A friend today brought us 6 crates of bread... bread that I would never buy myself because it is too expensive. Even Jonas noticed the cost of one loaf of this special bread was," almost 4 dollars mom ". This happens all the time to us and it is always amazing! Thank you Lord for blessing us with bread today.


Hevel said...

Back when I was LDS I learned something very true in seminary (early morning scripture class for high school kids.) Angels are messengers of G-d and they come in many shapes and forms. Many times it's simple people who will speak the message with their actions. G-d also does most of his miracles through people, even non-believers. Because... ein od milvado. There's nothing but Him. And He provides.

Mike and Christie said...

Jeane my friend. I am so glad that I woke up this a.m. and the Lord put you on my mind. What a blessing to read your blog today.
The Lord had me read it, because I woke up anxious this a.m. I woke up on my clock and not the Lord's clock.

Thank you so much for posting this precious reminder of our Father's Love for His Children.

Kathleen said...

We have completed two special needs adoptions and also have provided long-term foster care to teenage boys. I found your blog when we were doing our second adoption and have followed ever since. I needed this message this morning as I have also been feeling anxious. We have clearly felt God's leading in lives, but things have not been "easy" and I needed to this reassurance.

Leslie said...

Thank you for these words of encouragement. We are wrestling with the possibility of adopting again and it seems that the cost is always the stumbling block. How will we afford it? How we pay for the additional expenses once we return? This is a clear reminder of the source of all our provision.