Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A treasured handmade gift for our "grand babies"

Our dear friends, Dick and Helen from church who have anywhere from 4 to 6 kids over every week for some special activities... fishing, baking, playing games, swimming, to taking them to soccer games and visits with their family in Northern Virginia.... they are more like family to us than they are friends. They have watched a group of the kids for the weeks we traveled to Bulgaria as well. They take us out to eat... our last special time they took just Paul and I to eat out lunch just before Christmas... They even met us at the airport when we brought home Andrew and Gracie on Christmas Eve at 11 pm a yr ago. Needless to say they are very special and dear to all of us... They are our prayer warriors too.... Whenever we have prayer requests they pray and share our needs with those they know who pray as well. This past August they asked if they could do a project with the kids for Jenn and Mary Kate's family for a Christmas gift. Ever week when the kids went over they worked on these Noah's Arks. Each one is filled with 15 pairs of animals and they can roll the ark.Dick had made each one of their own children's family one of these when they had little ones.... Boy that made us even feel more special. As I reflect on some of the many blessings from this past year....Dick and Helen are ones who come to mind. Thank you Lord for the love shared with us thru your servants Dick and Helen.
As you can see when each family was given them ....they were a big hit.


The Mac's House said...

I love it. I always say the best gifts are those that are made from loving hands. My treasured indeed! A nice job.


Penny said...

The work, and love, that went into those gifts is evident. They did a fantastic job! I LOVE handmade gifts, as well. I will probably die (literally) trying to rescue the treasures my grandparents made me and my children through the years. You are a blessed woman to have such dear friends! "A friend sticks closer than a brother."