Monday, November 21, 2011

Celebrating the holidays thru the eyes of our new children- Joy

One of our best or most memorable times with our adoptions has been to watch the child discover the holidays as we celebrate them. Most of them had no celebrations to just a shoebox from Operation Shoebox with Franklin Graham's organization. There was sometimes a party with the caregivers getting drunk and candy given to the kids but really most of them when they have come home have little memories or very negative ones of the holidays. So it has been very touching to me to see them start building some positive memories with us . One of them is to look thru the catelogs and dream...I did this too as a child and I now love looking thru garden catelogs in January. I "caught" them going thru this one this am on the island and then they moved to the green room. I love hearing them exclaim to each other the diff. things they like or would enjoy...or "wonder what this does?" Life for them before was not filled with dreams or hopes of many things like we have or do...their bellies may have been hungry, their bodies not clean and their toys were trash that they found around but not anymore...they have a family who loves them, who shares their life and cares that they are bathed, fed healthy food and given opportunities to be all that the Lord desires... and yes to learn about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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MamaPoRuski said...

Even O at 18 likes to look at the toy catalogs. What joy on their faces! I cannot believe you have your tree up already however! You are so organized you amaze me!