Sunday, November 6, 2011

How do we get some things done :)

Socks are an issue always here. I just bought 6 groups of as different as I can find pairs of socks for 6 of the little ones. We have clothes folders who fold all of our laundry each day of the week...and many times they don't do the socks correctly or they give clothes to the wrong person...but we work thru this eventually. You are not suppose to put away in your drawers any clothes that don't belong to you in theory at least :)

Leah was the meat carver Friday nite when we had rotisserie chicken...I never make the meals by myself...We all pitch in and help . Some have chores to do that help us to "get it done"...Here is Paul with his computer program that helps him to organize the chores for the new month of November. They are given for a week at a time. We post the chore chart in the kitchen for all to see. There are no arguments about what has to be done...because it is on the chart.

Now those of you with kids will relate and especially those of you with a large family will and then you will totally understand if you have special needs children---Ones who have trouble holding still or focusing for any amount of time :) what it is like to take a group picture. Today at church they were doing this for the new church directory. So I handed the camera to the photographer to take one for us on my camera too ? It worked and was fast too...They actually took a picture of the whole church after church today...It sort of felt like us taking pictures of our family but on a grander scale :)


Stacey said...

Love the family picture! =)

MARY B. said...

We use a sharpie clothes marker to put names on the clothes...I tried to buy different socks but then I forget who got which ones and over time they all end up in one kids we buy new socks again :)...and we have less than 1/3 of the children you have!

Great Family photo! I hope that's coming in your Christmas letter this year :)....