Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am thankful for our home...and for our electricity


We have added on 4 additions and we use them . I never thought we would ever have been able to do this but it has been amazing to see our needs met by the Lord. Tonite we hosted some friends of ours who are in the young adult group at church . Funny though about 5 pm just after I got our dinner fixed...we lost our electricity :) . We managed but in 2 hrs we were expecting around 20 some yg adults... Allegany Electric estimated it would be back on in a few hours...We decided to go ahead anyway . We lit lots of candles and our little kids went home with Mary Kate and Keith to watch the movie. We had the group over in the dark- with lots of candles and it was fun. About 3 plus hours it came back on....but only ours did on the whole street...and the funny thing was the group had prayed for it to and just as they did the lights were on :) Our next door neighbor called about 20 minutes later when she noticed ours were on and not hers. I told her I would send the group over to pray :) Actually we enjoyed the time with no electricity - other than I could not bake the snacks until later when it came on.

The bottom pic is Abraham and his girlfriend, Deanna :)

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Mike and Christie said...

Awwww. Abraham and his girlfriend are adorable! :)
Happy Thanksgiving dear friend!