Sunday, November 20, 2011

Even Mady loves to watch football with her uncles and some talk of turkey....

Mady just backed up into the left arm of Josiah...She plopped herself down and watched the game :)
Then in our preparations for Thanksgiving today we took out our turkeys from the freezer...We added up the amount of turkey- 60.5 lbs in all. I hope I get at least one turkey sandwich the day after. Usually I don't because the eat it up Thanksgiving. They just opened up a new Food Lion and on the first day the 2 cheaper turkeys were only 13 cents/lb...They were like 6 and 7 something. Our Butterball was regular price and that will be our main one. We start looking for the biggest one we can find whenever they put them out...Uusally we only buy a turkey if it is over 22 lbs and we buy two for us ...but this time we added the 3d since it was so cheap...thanking the Lord for His provision. Also someone we met at Sam's Club has offered a whole deer to us. Since we are not hunters I am not sure what this means but I have tasted venision and I am sure the kids will like it. Again I love watching how He does provide for us and we are grateful for this.

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