Saturday, December 17, 2011

35 Years and counting.... to my sweet husband Paul- " God loves you, Jesus loves you and I love you. "

 Gazebo at Western Maryland College where we met.

 Sycamore tree where he kissed me the first time :) and he says , " I have been kissing her every nite since ."

 This is the chapel at the college where part of the weeks events were to see the live production of Jesus Christ SuperStar.....We met on June 21, 1971 at this campus . I was 14 and he was 16. We were youth leaders in the Washington West District of the United Methodist Church and we were attending a youth training conference for a week. We both were in the same workshop and have been together ever since. He lived in Silver Springs, Maryland and I lived 45 minutes away in Laytonsville . After we left this conference our first "date" was a babysitting job and afterwards dinner at my house. I was testing him to see if he was good with kids...Because I knew I wanted to do something with lots of children someday :) As I have shared before...He passed and the rest is history. I have more to share but as part of our celebration we went back in time these past few days and visited some of our old places in our past...Which if you do the addition was 40 yrs ago...Wow, that sounds old to me but I just don't feel like it has been that long. God has been with us all of these years and it was thru Him we met and our commitment to Him when we married that has brought us to 35 yrs of marriage. We have a quilt hanging made by my maid of honor, Marissa that says, " God loves you, Jesus loves you and I love you. " It was what we would say to each other and she made a quilt for us with it on it.

Tomorrow more pics of our trip .....

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