Monday, December 5, 2011

6 years ago today.....The US welcomed 3 wonderful new citizens

 Here is our Christmas pic from 2005 - just after they came home :)

Every December 5 these 3 celebrate the day we flew home and landed on US soil. It was the day they became US citizens . We had spent 6 weeks in Ukraine. The whole month of November and part of Dec.. It was a tough month at home. Two church members died unexpectantly while we were there. Our daughter, Jenn gave birth unexpectantly to our first grand daughter, Ella and we missed her birth and then she was readmitted 3 days later with what they thought might have been menigitus ...all we could do was pray . I say that having learned how important our prayers really are and I don't really mean " all " we could do .

 Joseph was 15 almost 16 , Cate turned 13 while we were there and Leah was 11. They were our oldest children at the time of adoption. There transition into the family added lots of energy, and volume :) Cate and Joseph have very loud voices and at times sound like they are yelling. They both have very strong personalities that can rub each other. Matter of fact the director of the orphanage really did not want us to adopt both of them because of their personalities being so strong...but you know her prediction was way wrong. They are extremely close and deeply care about each other and their family. Together they can accomplish lots and are definite leaders in our family. Leah is the quiet one with so much creativity and ability to make something out of nothing. She has never looked back to her previous life and is very satisfied and content being in America. She too is fiercely attached to her family and all 3 have been a blessing way more than we ever could have thought. Watching them "bloom" where they were planted in our family has been a treasure to be a part of. I am always amazed at how well the Lord knew just what children to give us and also how perfectly their needs are being met in their family.

So tonite we celebrate once again the gift of adoption and the gift of their US citizenship. They are thankful to be in their new country and love the USA .


Eva said...

America is blessed to have them added to your family and our country!

Loretta said...

It is as if you know what to post. We are back from Russia and we were able to spend three afternoons with our soon to be daughter, Marina while we were there. Now that we are home,I have become concerned about her transition as a ten year old to America when the time comes. Your words were just the right "medicine".
Thank you.

mommajeane said...

Congratulations Loretta on your new daughter. Since this adoption we have adopted more older teens even and have had very easy transitions into our family....I realize not all families have had this experience but for us I can honestly share we have loved our older and even teenage adoptions. We have had issues but they have been manageable. After your daughter comes home if you need some encouragement or even need someone to speak Russian we have lots of teens up to 21 yrs who are fluent in both English and Russian. My email is can share my phone with you.