Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another great change for Andrew....

Andrew is continuing to change and it is such a joy to watch him. When we brought him home it was a very difficult time but things have changed so much thru all the hard times with him and he has taught us all many things. Seeing him have more happy and peaceful times has been wonderful. We have been working with a wonderful child psychologist who is very caring and she has helped us to understand him and she has prescribed some medicines that have changed his life. He is much happier and content with things since he has been on the risperdone. I think we have the right dose for him now. We are still tweeking the trazadone for sleep and just tonite we upped it. Also I went to IKEA today to buy a bunk bed set for the girls and I found a low crib for him. I think it will keep him in and tonite he has been sound asleep for hours...Hopefully he will stay asleep and not wake at 3 am till 6 am....He also had his sedated CT scan last Monday 12/5 and then Dr. K did the balloon procedure on his pyloric valve with success. He has had a bad cold but has not been to irritable. We are hoping this procedure did the trick. The doctor also repeated all of his biopsy studies and they all came back normal for a second time- Praise God ! Can't you tell in his pics above how much more settled he is ?

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