Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating coming home....Connecting to the new life in the family is precious

Mady did much better tonite ...Of course you see she had cupcakes tonite ( compliments of Uncle Joseph - He did not know how to spell Kloe's name when he ordered the cupcake cake :) They are all doing well but Mady and Ava are spending at least one more nite with Paw Paw and Nana ...Yipee !

It takes time to adjust to a "new normal" I think. Even when you adopt and bring your child into your family this way. For me it is usually about 6 weeks to remember life before the new life. The first week is the hardest but it does get easier...and then one day you just can't remember your life before.


Mike and Christie said...

That is so true. It takes time to find your new norm, and then it seems like your new norm always was. How fun you get to keep them one more night! :) I'm sure they don't mind. :)

Stacey said...