Monday, December 19, 2011

35 yrs ago today Paul and I were married.....Pics from the past

Rev. Dick Thompson married us. We were the last couple he married at St. Pauls before he left. He and his wife, Molly were both very influential to our faith as teens in church.

My family- brothers , Johnny and Bill and my parents.

Paul's family- sister, Wendy, brothers Tommy and David and his parents.

 It was a beautiful day - cool but not cold and we rode home to the reception ( held at my parents home) in a horse and buggy. There was a long line of cars following us and on the way we spotted a red tail hawk - which for my naturalist husband was a treat. My gown was crochet by a friend and since I have always loved being a bit different and we were getting married in Dec. it was perfect. We actually celebrated last Friday/Sat. but I brought out our albums over the wknd. and thought I would share them....the kids were so funny looking at us. I really can't believe it has been 35 yrs and 40 since we started to date... :)


Mike and Christie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Natalia said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us! Your dress is just amazing--I so love it! And you are absolutely beautiful!

Many congratulations on this wonderful milestone! Happy Anniversary!

Eva said...

Lovely! I adore the hood! Perfect for a December wedding! Congratulations!

Penny said...

I think the dress is lovely~ and different. :) Can't believe your friend crocheted an entire wedding gown~ amazing! Happy Anniversary! :)

MARY B. said...

Thank you for sharing this walk down memory lane! I love it! You and MK could pass for twins! And Paul...all the long hair! Snazzy!
Blessings...looking forward to see how you are celebrating this Sunday! Are you doing the big bags this year?
Love, Mary B.