Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mady meets Kloe :)

I love these pics of Mady because you get a sense of how she is reacting to sharing mommy and daddy . She did amazingly well for an almost 18 month old. Lots of energy in this tiny little room and she seemed interested in Kloe for a spit second :) and then she was off to the next thing that captured her attention....and when she need a little bit of help to overcome her hurt feelings ... well then a piece of chocolate helped her get thru that moment :) I loved how cuddly she was tonite in my arms when I rocked her before laying her down....She is not usually put to bed that way but she let me and I loved it.


Eva said...

So beautiful, all of those girls! Makes me think of when we brought home our third child. Praying for everyone during this time of adjustment!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

oh my, she does have a lot of hair. i couldn't tell by yesterday's picture because she had her hat on =)

too cute! and love maddy's interest in her...if only for a second =)