Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amazing how much joy just a dollar can bring :)

I took all the kids to the Dollar Tree yesterday. Some had their own money and I bought some things for everyone...It is always such a positive and fruitful experience for us. You can get some really good things for just a buck there. All the kids love it and think it is the only place to shop. Yesterday Mya bought a frog kit that lays eggs. We set it up and then "she" began to lay her eggs. The kids were so funny about it - watching intently as each egg was "born" ....You really would have thought this was a "real" frog and "real" eggs. Mya also is hatching a " real" flamingo from a hot pink plastic egg she bought . She says it should be hatching by Sat....:)

Isaiah bought a police or FBI set. These glasses were part of it and he has been wearing them ever since he opened the pkg..

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