Saturday, March 31, 2012

My big boys are home and happy b-day to Ben

 Joseph came home last nite from being gone for 3weeks in Boston. Ben worked in the evening but when he came thru the door it was "Surprise". I had made a homemade ( from scratch) deep chocolate cake for his b-day and we surprised him. Tonite we are taking him out to Red Lobster along with Joseph, Mary Kate and Keith since both the boys were gone until late Friday nite.

I can't believe he is 20. He was my last bio. child and sometimes I can't believe 20 yrs have passed as quickly as they have. I am very proud of Ben. He is in college at Shepherd University in their nursing program. This was a surprise to us at first but he is really feeling a peace about it. His plans are to go further and get his Nurse Practioners or PA. Since I was in nursing and he is our first child who is in this field it has been really nice talking with him about medical stuff. Of course he is an expert now....did you know that it is best to breastfeed for at least a yr? Or that the black stain on Mady's teeth are from drinking a bottle when you put her to bed with it? ( Actually Mady has never had a bottle and hers are just stains that the dentist doesn't know why) but it has been fun when Ben discovers facts and shares them with us. The other nite he took out stitches on Anna's leg from a procedure she has had to figure out what is causing a rash...He did great too. He has a faith in the Lord and is still discovering how to use the gifts the Lord has given to him. Happy Birthday Ben !

Welcome home Joseph...It does this momma's heart good to know when I was sleeping everyone was home.

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Mike and Christie said...

So fun. I love it when our guys are home. It looks like they had a good trip!