Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They will be home tomorrow :)

 Selah has been down in NC with Leah and Ben all week visiting Jenn and her family. Joseph has also been gone - to Boston for work and it is so odd how when even just one of the kids are gone it changes the dynamics of the family.

The other day we all talked with Selah and of course Ella, Ezra and Eli....To say they have been missed is and understatement. We are eagerly awaiting for Thursday when Selah, Leah and Ben return. Joseph is gone until 3/30 :(  The little ones have missed Selah but she has had a great time and it was her first away from home trip. It did help that her "nephews and nieces" are around her age. Since we have adopted children who are young...even younger than our older children's children ( our grand children) it is funny how this works out...but no one really minds around here. More kids to play with and have fun.

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