Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Ghana adoption update :)

I know some have asked about our Ghana adoption so here is the update. We got our I600a approval quickly and we passed court as I shared on January 11. All of the court documents and the birth certificates are done and we submitted our I600 on March 2. We are waiting for that approval and Kofi will then be able to ask for our exit interview packet at the embassy. We wait for that to be given and submitted and then for the interview to happen...and without any issues they tell you when you can pick up the kids visas ( when they will be printed). We can't control much of the timing . We have asked for the USCIS to expedite our case since Samuel had his second medical crisis weeks ago. We would love to share that we are traveling soon but we really don't know. We have asked but no one controls the officials who have the power to move things along faster...However more this time than our last Ghana adoption I have a peace about when we will be able to bring the kids home. It is all in God's timing...We are already amazed at how He has put it all together.

The top picture is one of the boys when they were infants...Samuel is the one who is much smaller.


Christine said...

Hope the process goes quickly. :)

ArtworkByRuth said...

Praying that you will still get "expedited" and Samuel is safe until then-and safely home soon!