Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hula Poopin....according to Lila :)

 Lila came running in to me explaining what the kids were doing....and then she wiggled her hips and then said, " They are hula poopin". We died laughing. She certainly keeps in smiles alot with her interpretations.

 Then it was on to baseball...They actually did pretty well and hit the ball instead of each other :)

Here is our stinker, Lila who always has something to say about things :) Ben left today to visit Jenn and her family in NC. He took Leah, and Selah with him. Lila has been a bit upset about it. It comes out in over crying about things...but to be honest she is so cuddly and sweet it has been precious to give her some extra one on one time. I think maybe I will let her sleep with daddy and me tonite.

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Susan Clay said...

Awe! Gotta give her those extra cuddles. Everyone needs it from time to time.