Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pastor Billy is loved by our family.....

Thsi is one of our pastors at our church- CenterPoint Bible Church. We have been attending since Sept. and we joined this church in Feb.. We have found a church home after searching for a yr...since we left our previous church over a disagreement with the youth pastor there- who now has since left the ministry to be a police officer ??? We love all the pastoral team and we love Pastor Billy's visits especially. We actually see him often and we love whenever he drops in.....Today he came by and the kids all helped him to make some "paper tape" balls that were needed for tonites youth. The kids love helping him and would do anything he asked. He makes them feel comfortable and holds them to a high standard but is so easy to connect with. They were pretty loud while they were making these balls and Lila just slept thru it all on the couch in same room.  :)

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