Thursday, June 18, 2009

How blessed I was tonite

Our dear friends the Livermores from our church called this am to ask if Isaac and Caleb could come over and help Mr. Livermore (Dick) with some work at the house... they are some very dear friends ( like family) who every week invite 4 to 6 of our kids over for the day.... All of our kids love to spend time with them ! Well they just brought Isaac and Caleb home . After they had showered they both came to me with 5 dollars that was part of the money they were given for working.... They said they wanted to add this to our adoption fund..... these kids are so compassionate and care so much about their brother, Andrew and sister, Gracie already. They have really made my heart full of joy. I told them we would spend it on something very special for the adoption.

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