Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reading - summer reading or just plain reading is fun

I believe that reading well is the foundation to learning. It is not something I have to try hard at myself or dislike. Actually other than parenting a large family it is right up there on my list of things I love to do.... Paul and I feel that we want to share our love of reading with our children among other things.... so part of our home school curriculum is that they all read at least one hour a day. Even this summer we do this... the love of reading is a gift I hope we have shared and can with lots of children. So here are some pics from our am hour of reading today.... Even Ava gets into it and asks,"Can I read my hour of reading?" We go to our local library often . It is one of our favorite things to do. The librarians love us because we improve their circulation stats... we check out 50 to 75 books every other week. So I would encourage you all to read this summer .


Mike and Christie said...

We are kidred spirits. :)

I just made our summer schedule.

1 hour of math
1 hour of reading
1 hour of reading
write a paragraph about what you read. :)

relying on God said...

Rock it! I just went to the library yesterday and today (I forgot a few books) and came home with more books than I will be able to read in 3 weeks by myself but that's why there's book renewal at the library. Love it.