Friday, June 12, 2009

What do you do when your fake eye falls out... in the pool?

Well, we had our first loss of Jonas' eye today... He has been swimming 2 times since he got his eye and had no problems... but today it came out ( not sure why because it is not suppose to). Anyway Dr. Friel had joked with us about this very thing.... of course they all put on googles and started scanning the bottom of the pool... it did not help that it was a blue eye and we have a blue liner :) We even unhooked the steps, walked around the outside... no eye. I thought well, there goes 3,000 down the drain.... then I offered a reward of 10 dollars to the one who found it... 10 minutes later Caleb found it in the middle of the pool.... I have to call the doctors ( ocularist and surgeon) on Monday and see what they want to do. It was somewhat funny after we found it. These are the things Dr. Friel said you can have fun with this eye with.... it goes back in easy enough... till the next time :) Thankfully we were not at the beach.


Mike and Gail said...

OUCH! I know it is not funny, but I giggled when I read the part of them looking all over the pool for it. This will always be some of the happy, fun family moments the kids will never forget. You are an amazing women.

Mike and Christie said...

Ya gotta laugh. :)

We actually lost a leg one time.
Sarah woke up saying "where's my leg?"
We still laugh about that one. :)

It was at the bottom of the laundry pile. :)

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Ha...I laughed out loud at this =) Glad it was found!