Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jonas gets his new eye Monday

Monday, Jonas finally will get his prosthetic left eye. He had surgery to get it ready and a conformer was placed in to keep the shape until this time. He had that surgery in March and did well. We went back to Baltimore every 2 weeks and finally we were sent to an oculartist ( an artist eye specialist who makes the eye). We had our first visit 3 weeks ago and he made the mold. At that visit we learned when he placed the mold it and it moved with the right eye that his new eye will too... praise God. This young man is so excited to be getting his eye. He is having a hard time sleeping tonite and has kissed me more times than I can count to say thank you mom! I will share a picture of my son's beautiful , blue new eye tomorrow.

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Mike and Christie said...

Oh that is just wonderful! An eye that moves too? That is great....
It is amazing what doctors can do now.

Congratulations to Jonas. :)