Monday, June 8, 2009

Our day with Dr. Friel

We started out early this am for our appointment. It could be a 2 hr drive. Jonas I think was walking on water as we walked up to the 4th floor....He did great just sitting there while the doctor did his painting... then we walked around to find a place to eat and wait out the time between our appointments. It was a glorious day for my son to get his new eye.... the sun was shinning and the sky was blue..... after we left the room as we were walking to the check out... Jonas grabbed me and hugged my neck so tight... saying thank you momma, thank you momma. Then we were standing talking with the receptionist and Jonas saw Dr. Friel walking down the hallway with another patient and he went thru the door and gave Dr. Friel the same hug... we all were crying by this time. I tell you these moments are very deep and fulfilling for me... I hope to see many more children get a chance to live a more "normal", healthy life. It is the best "high" in the world to watch a child feel good about him/herself and to discover they can and watch them overcome. Thank you Jesus for this gift and blessing.

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