Saturday, June 27, 2009

My sweet girls....and being thankful

I do my grocery shopping 2 times a week... Tuesday I go to Walmart and then I go to Sam's Club on Fridays. The kids love to go but usually I take up to 10 of them... We divide up into groups and which kids go alternates.... This Friday these girls, Olivia, Anna, Tia and Lily decided to buy me something special . They had gone off together and came back to me to ask permission to buy something.... but they would not share what with me . Then after 15 minutes they came back with the biggest smiles on their faces and a bouquet of flowers. They said, "We know you love flowers momma." They just did it for no special reason... They could not wait to show everyone at home too what they had bought... the funny thing was they did not have my card... and when they went to pay the cashier wouldn't let them... Joseph was the cashier next to them and he gave them his to use :)

Also every dinner just after we sit down our kids have this habit once we start eating... one will say ( and it varies who) thank you mom for dinner... then there is a chorus of thank yous. It is the sweetest thing. We never initated it... they just do it on their own.

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