Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just some ramblings and a Joseph update

We leave in only 16 more days... we will be together with our 2 beloved babies in Bulgaria very soon. We went over our pictures once again for the millonth time and we listened to several of our videos again... it sure makes us anxious and excited for our reunion... we left them July 31 and July 24... it has been a long time and we are almost there. Lots has happened during our waiting time... besides the paperwork for the adoption and all the signatures and wait times... we have had a wedding ( Mary Kate and Keith were married). We went to the beach for their wedding and our vacation. We started school and it has been going very well... lots of birthdays celebrated, Halloween and soon Thanksgiving as well....Mya's surgery and that is going very well too... ( we had our first post op Monday... and our pt is great, her leg had consiladated some because of some slack in the adjustment bar... but after me doing 12 turns in 2 hrs there- which was 4 days worth.. her femur seperated and Dr. Standard was very pleased. Otherwise she would have had outpatient surgery to once again break the femur) .... the kids are so excited for us to bring them home. They hated our last trip because we did not bring them home :) Our hearts have ached deeply for them and it is so hard to believe it is almost here when we will be forever together. It is so true that absence makes our hearts grow fonder....I am amazed at how deeply we all have bonded with them .. Paul and I after only spending 5 days with each one and the kids at home never having met them... and only having the pictures and videos to watch.

I place their pictures everywhere .. around the house , in our bathrooms even... and on the dash of our cars and vans.... this way we all feel that they have been with us in a way....

On another side... we appreciated your suggestions and concern for Joseph not being able to travel with us.... we prayed and talked alot over the weekend and we decided to call his doctor and see if he would support by a letter and documents for Joseph to take a medical leave of absence thru FMLA... and as soon as his doctor signs the last forms it got approved for him to travel with us.... his doctor graciously wrote the letter and Joseph is dropping off the forms Wed... I can't tell you how happy he was today. So was momma. Thank you for your prayers and suggestions. More on this later... but also thank you to Stacy the HR person at his store who cared about this... she was wonderful!


Kathleen said...

So thankful you found an option for Joseph. That just broke my heart.

Shea said...

Joseph: Congrats, you are the bearer of a real Thanksgiving miracle. God is so good, and you must be pretty special for him to give you this gift. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Jodi said...

I can't wait for you to bring them home!! Really. I think about Doncho every single day, he has touched my heart so much! He needs a mama more than probably any child I have ever seen. You are so, so lucky to be that mama:) I can't wait to see him blossom in his family.

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Amanda said...

YEA!! So happy Joseph is going to be able to go. Wonderful!! I was praying there would be a way!! I am sure he is one happy boy!!