Friday, November 6, 2009

Some questions answered ......

Some of you have written some questions and I will attempt to answer as best as I can. I will answer in them in no special order just how they came to me....

1. How many bedrooms so you have?

We have 8 bedrooms... now 2 of them are more like dorm rooms. Our original house had 5 good size bedrooms and we have done 3 separate additions. One was a lg. room 20 by 25 for Mary Kate when she was an unwed single mom. It has been divided into a smaller room which was for Ava her daughter and a lg. walk in closet. ( when we get old it will probably become our bedroom because it is on the main floor and Ava's room can be converted into a bath.) Then we did another addition by converting our garage into a 3d family room. We added a 3 car garage and over it is our 2nd dorm is 900 sq feet . This is a huge room and it also has a very large bathroom... that has a tub and shower and another separate shower.. double sinks and tolite.. and lots of mirrors. It is ours girls bathroom :)
Our home has 5,000sq .... and it is very comfortable for as many as we have... the Lord has provided well for us and we are grateful for his provision.

2. Do any of your children really struggle with being in a lg. family?

No, all of them are very supportive and love being in such a large family. Even our bio. children . Some of our older, adult children are more involved in the family than others... mostly due to where they live or that they are busy with their own family. If we are out of the country for an adoption or at the hospital for an extended time with one of the kids for surgery like Mya's next week... they all are there if need be. I think that Ben who was our last bio. child (before we adopted the last 16 or 18 ) has had the most adjustments since he was the baby of the family for so long... I am planning an interview with him for one of my posts this month... so stayed tuned for more on this. Overall though it has been very positive transition for all.

3. Does Abraham live on his own or at home?

He lives with us. He was beaten as an infant in his orphanage in Mexico. He had both of his legs broken and his body was in a full body cast after the beating. He is blind and suffered some brain damage due to the beating or being shaken... so he can not live independently. He is fully supported by us... we do not even collect his social security benenfits yet ( It looks better when the USCIS questions us and others too.. that we can and are able to fully support all of these children without getting any gov't help). Although in the future we may. He is on our health insurance plan... but is probably the healthiest one of us. If something happens to us we have a will and guardianship papers for him and a trust fund. Our older kids want to have him live with them if something should happen to us....

4. Have you ever considered other countries to adopt from other than the ones you have adopted from ?

Yes. but we are not really country specific... meaning we are child specific. We just hear about a child or children and then pray.. it does not matter what country they are in.


Hevel said...

Thank you for answering my questions!

I have to admit that I totally admire what you and your husband decided to do! And I have to be honest, some of the large families, like the Duggards annoy me to no end (not that I know them personally), smailies that are like yours I just admire!

soontobemomof9 said...

Thanks for the answers. They are, as I knew they would be, inspiring, heartfelt, and motivating!

I had no idea about Abraham! Wow, what a fighter! And what a terrible place he must have been in!