Friday, November 20, 2009

This is what a family does- they are there for you

Here is an update on Mya and my adoption thought for the day... For those of us who are in a family we already know what it is like to have those around us who care... if we are sick they bring comfort, or drinks, rub your back, watch non stop tv with you. If you don't pass your drivers test they believe in you. If you are not treated well by someone (outside your family) they are there supporting you and standing with you. If you loose your job or have an accident they will come along side you. They believe in you and encourage you to go on.... they welcome you home from the hospital.

Mya has been doing very well. She has times when she gets down but she has down way better than I thought she would. Her physical therapy is hard especially when I bend her knee. She is so funny because the first bend is the hardest and she will say to me," I want to start with the second one Mom!" Actually she yells it because it hurts... but we do it and you know who usually is holding her or letting her "choke" her neck during the bendings.. Cate. Cate does everything for her little sister... whatever Mya asks Cate wants to do... she is sitting by her now watching the Christmas tv movie... rubbing her l foot that hurts some. Here is a picture of Mya's brothers the other nite.... she was thirsty and they all jumped up quick to help her :) Here is another picture of Mya walking with her walker.... she needs help and walks across the room with someone holding up her l leg. It really is very heavy and she is a tiny , little one.... lots of hardware for her to lift but she tries. She has a can do attitude most of the time... the first time the therapist visited us in the hospital to help get her in her wheelchair..Mya looked up at her and said," Can I move myself in there?" That gives you an idea of how independent she is.

It has helped her lots to have all her brothers and sisters right there with her... holding her, sharing her pain and loving her thru it all. I do not think anyone of these kids would have done as well as they have if it were not for their siblings and family. To be loved and accepted just as we are in a family.
Don't all children deserve this too?

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JennyH said...

I came from RR website. You have such a blessed family!! Praying the rest of this adoption goes smoothly.