Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ask them about Christopher Columbus

I have been able to teach this year using my favorite method- unit studies. I have tried to share some of our ideas . Since yesterday was Columbus Day we just did our hour of math and I tied in the rest of our school to learning about Christopher Columbus. These were some of the worksheets we did as a group and individually. I also found a really good video on Discovery Education ( free) that the kids watched. I joined Enchanted Learning for another year and they had some great resources as well to help. Last nite we all watched one of my favorite movies Master and Commander with Russell Crowe. It shows well the life of sailing and living on a ship besides alot of other great character buidling traits.

Anyone else care to share any educational sites they use for their teaching that would be great. I can spend my whole nite or wknds...planning.


MARY B. said...

Love it! We just studies the Age of Exploration with LifePac...not as fun as making the ships :)...Masters and Commanders has a bit of profanity though - was there a family friendly version? Our littles are too little for that language. Blessings, Mary B

mommajeane said...

Not that I am aware of...Actually I really did not notice the language as much as some other movies. Our kids were fine with it but our younger kids were in bed..only Mya and up stayed up to watch it. I don't think my kids picked up on the language at all...they were so facinated with the "life on a ship " and the island part. Even the battle when the commmander finally gets to the French ship was not that hard for them.It would not be appropriate for young ones for sure.

scootercat said...

costs like $ 50 a year to access materials from preschool through high school.
writing/reading/unit themes on loads of topics.
do you have the school house rock DVD?
wonderful dvd, short animated clips that teach all kind of neat things.