Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who would not have a happy b-day with these faces shining in your life every day…..

 Abraham- 29 

 Joseph- 22 

 Jacob- 21

 Ben- 20

 Isaac- 15

 Caleb- 13

 Josiah- 13
 Luke- 11
 Andrew- 8

 Isaiah- 6


 Olivia- 20


 Nataly- 19





 Lily- 13

 Mya- 10

 Gracie- 9


 Selah- 7


 Ava- 5

 Mady- 2

 Kloe- 10 months

 And of course my hubby- Paul, who after 41 yrs of "dating" makes it all worth it.

Now these are the pics of the ones at home ( take out Ava, Mady and Kloe ( Mary Kate and Keith  :) Our son, Jonas who lives in   DC , Molly and Mike, Laura Jeane and Brian and their children- Tyler and Drew,  Jenn and Jeremiah and their children- Ella, Ezra, Eli and Zoe and you have my whole immediate family….. Not to mention my extended family, friends and people I have never met but feel a kindred spirit with ( that just that term friend seems so little to describe the shared love we have for children)----all make me feel blessed. Thank you for not only my birthday happy but every day that is full of a life shared with you. 


MARY B. said...

Very Happy Birthday dear sweet friend!
I love your post...and every one of those smiling faces.
You are such an inspiration to me...to love my family and every little quirky ting about us! Love, Mary B.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday! Wow! October is a busy birthday month there!