Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Chosen Path- Making a Life

This was a devotional , a gift from my son, Jonas for my birthday. The flowers were from Joe- Thank you for helping to make my b-day special. They came up to visit and we had a wonderful time - getting to know Joe, visiting with Jonas and just enjoying life .  I started the devotional and on Oct. 18 I read one that I loved and want to share it here :

This days devotion was written by G. W. Truett

I particularly loved what he wrote and found the opportunity to encourage one of my children this week with it as well. So I thought it might be good share here as well….

Young men dream dreams like Joseph dreamed. Little children dream dreams. But after we get to be men and women and out into the thick of the fight and the years come on with all their battles and burdens, the peril is we shall lose sight of visions and look downward and become muck rakers, with our eyes not "toward the hills from whence cometh our help". Oh the peril when idealism is lost, when a man does not dream dreams anymore, when he can not behold great visions any more, when his hands and his brain and his heart are tired, when he quits dreaming , hoping planning, building! How perilous his plight is when his idealism is gone! The loss of idealism will make a man say: " I have no time for dreaming. I am a practical man; my business is to make a living." Your primary business is not to make a living. Your primary business is to make a LIFE. Getting enough bread and meat for your household is incidental, but important I will grant you, and quite comfortable and conveinent : but making a LIFE is what you and I are in the world for. Making a living is just a passing incident, that is all. Before we are to pray for our daily bread and meat, we are to pray that the kingdom of God may come and that the will of God may be done throughout all the earth even as it is done in Heaven above. Making a life is our real business, a compassionate life, reverent toward God and obedient to His revealed will: the right kind of life, true, fearless, humanity helping and sympathetic.

Making a LIFE- Just what does that mean ? I am now 56 yr young…working my way toward eternity quicker as each year passes. My health is not what it was, my energy is certainly not , but in some ways my life is more intense and full off the stuff that pushes me more easily to a deep understanding of what G W Truett shared here. I still have big dreams. I have visions of many more children. I dream dreams of lives being changed by my choice…my chosen path to follow the will of God to encourage others to care,  do and love the orphan, the children that suffer daily with basic necessities like food, water, health, and loneliness…who have no one who cares when they are afraid, or in pain. No one who wants to be with them because of their smell, lack of parentage , lack of the right to be fully human because of their parents choices to follow a path of destruction, despair into alcohol, drugs or neglect of the very children that God blessed them with. Then they are placed in places of hell. Where often the gov't that removes them from their first hell only to place them into a second one . I can't even imagine life lived like that because I had a loving family who surrounded me with love and enough food for me to not feel hunger,medicine and health care when I was sick. I know that some of my dreams and visions have caused divisions or made others look at me as crazy or way out their with my faith…but I will not apologize for following the Lord's will into this ministry of loving on children and the privilege of being allowed to add more children thru the gift of adoption into our family.

I will actually celebrate …I will dance with gladness in my heart and shout from the hilltops the message that the Lord cares, He loves and will always be there for you. Your life is worth it.

The month of November is National Adoption Month…I will be writing my daily posts around that theme and would love to have some questions, issues or reflections you would like to hear from me about concerning our adoption journey that we have traveled now for 27 yrs… If you have a question or idea or issue you would like please email me ….I would love to hear from many of you.

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