Monday, October 1, 2012

It all started with donuts this am- thanks Joseph

Joseph worked last nite and came home at 5:30 . On the island he had bought donuts, fruit, oj and cranberry juice. It was a fun way to start my day with my "grand" babies.

Although they really aren't all babies anymore...they are growing up.

Eli really got into this toy that I bought at the last consignment sale in NC.

 I caught Caleb playing with his neice, Kloe.

Ella and Mya love to color.

We made caramel apples tonite...and one point as we all were eating them...It was actually very quiet with all 37 of us in the kitchen eating them :) Yep you read that right with Jenn and her kids and Mary Kate's family there were 10 more of us and I have been cooking for that amount 3 times a day :) but as I shared before - One way I love on my family is thru food.

Ezra and Mady enjoying their caramel and then eating the apple sort of.

They all loved them .

My older kids were having just as much fun as my littles did making them.

Even Kloe shared Nana's caramel.

Then tonite Zoe let me rock her and sing to her....aahh. I love having them around.

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