Sunday, October 28, 2012

We have tied everything down and are ready for "Sandy"

Well maybe we went a bit overboard...when we tied all the kids down :)

 I have never in my life heard of such hype about a storm. We have prepared our home outside and in and, yes we did tie down outside toys that could not be moved, taken our trampoline nets down, lowered the b-ball goals, put away bird feeders, bought some extra drinking water and are ready...not sure for what besides lots of rain and wind. Usually we have not lost our power during storms...not even the winter storm of 4 plus ft of snow. If we ever do flushing tolites would be one of our first concerns....but thankfully we have 2 pools full of water to use . Because that would be a major area of concern with 27 of us living here :)

Those of you in a diff. area probably don't see or hear what this is about as much as those of us who live here...but honestly I have never experienced preparedness for a storm like this. Sams Club even opened its doors at 7 am this morning instead of its later Sunday am opening.  They have neverWe got an automated phone call from Comcast directing us what to do and how to reach them in the event we have issues. Going to church and all day on the interstate cherry picker trucks who will help with debris removal having been traveling north. Prayers for us in the path of this storm would be appreciated.


Carolyn said...

Cute! How did you fare with Sandy? Over here on the other side of the mts. in Charleston WV we've had lots of snow. Still thankful that we have power (many do not), our house is intact, and for all our blessings. Carolyn

mommajeane said...

Lots of rain and wind. We lost huge branches on several of our trees lining the drive. They look hideous because large chunks are missing..but we never cut a tree down because of how it looks- : ) Never lost power either thankfully. We also had 2 leaks from vent pipes in the roof and one wall of our basement was wet …from the unusual wind rain blowing. We never had this before in 13 yrs…thankful that was all.