Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It was a " banana split nite" for the littles here

 Since the older kids went to church tonite we decided to have banana splits for fun. They were yummy.

We were asked to be on the show Wipe Out ...not sure that we will...but Jacob bought the Wii game Wipe Out. We also watched the tv show over the wknd...the kids laughed and laughed ( It is not my kind of humor) but it was fun watching the kids laugh...and tonite it was the same watching them play the game. Let's just say we know who would not be participating in the real Wipe Out if we do it ( Cate- the one on the right :)

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Loretta said...

Please do the show!!! I agree it is not my humor either but watching my boys giggle is fun. If you were to do the show we really would have something to cheer for!!!!