Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Andrew update

I wanted to share an update quickly about Andrew. He had his EGD and did fine with it. It showed that he did not need to have his valve dilated at this time. There were some nodules that were new...Not sure about them but Dr. K biopsied them along with other tissue to check that the H Pyloria has not come back and for food allergies- both of which have been negative before. We should know by next week the results to these. He also had a blood draw today to check one of his meds...He has started not to sleep thru the nite and has been up sometimes from 1 am to 7 am...more times than he is sleeping thru the nite until 6 am.. Also he has had more periods of irritability. Checking his theraputic levels of the medicine helps to determine if we need to change the amount we give to him. He had been stable and sleeping for months so he may need it to change.....Thats all for now.


Loretta said...

I smile when I hear how he is thriving! My Charlie(5) was diagnosed with Achalasia in the spring after a wrong diagnosis and lots of prayers. he went through 5 dilations and botox treatments with little results. On August 14th he had a heller myotomy and a nicene fundo and for the first time since last October he is eating again. God is good.Charlie reminds me of your Andrew and I often find myself reading your blog hoping to hear about Andrew.We knew when we adopted him there would be unknowns but what I do know is that everyday he is in our lives we become better people because of of him.He has been the greatest gift ever given to me. Thanks for the update.

mommajeane said...

Hi Loretta,

Thank you for sharing about Charlie. I looked his diagnosis up. That must be difficult for you to manage. I am glad to hear he is doing better now.