Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fu Fu- Ok so we tried it

I was in Baltimore twice last week with some of the kids for all day doctor appts.. There is an African market I always wanted to stop at. So I did and I bought a box of Fu Fu. Now how I saw them making real Fu Fu is not at all like I did. The 2 bottom pictures are from a "restarant" stop we made on the way to Kwahu - the place where our first group of children in Ghana are from. The lady folds over the dough quick ( or her hand gets stomped :) and the man brings down the wooden mallet. He would click his tongue as he stomped and there was a rythm to it. I never tasted authentic Fu Fu because it was always in a bowl like the 3d pic.up with "bush meat" and I like to know the meat I eat especially in a different country. So today for lunch I made the kids Fu pics of the twin boys did not come out but they loved it and actually ate 2 bowls of it. Sari and Lila were not to fond of it but Selah and Isaiah liked it. I had placed chicken in a red sauce I made with paparika and chili powder in diced tomatoes and a tomatoe sauce- a little bit spicy. Most of the rest of us were not impressed with my Fu Fu but we liked the red sauce...Oh well :)

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