Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating Luke and some thoughts about an older child adoption thrown in for free :)

 I love the glow on Luke's face- He knows today (9/24) was his day. You can just see it and for a child that no one wanted it sure looks good on his face to me.

It looks like Luke is praying...

but he is waiting to be "gifted" that is how we do it here. Usually the little ones help give out the gifts and they are just as excited to be the giver as the birthday child is to recieve.

We had a gun battle for his entertainment...thanks to Keith and Joseph it was awesome.

Waiting for the battle to begin.

The ambusher- Joseph loves it as much as the little brothers do.Actually a very positive way to help an older adopted child to " have some part of their childhood" like play is to have younger children in the home. The older child ( some of ours were even 16 yrs old and never really had the "typical" childhood) can play with the younger siblings and you can tell they really do enjoy that play and their dignity is still intact as an older child. " I am just playing with the little ones mom" is something I've heard alot. I know the benefit the older one is reaping by having much younger siblings to "play" with.


Oldqueen44 said...

Lokks like lots of fun

Stacey said...

Wise thoughts. Thank you. =)