Monday, September 17, 2012

Care to guess where we were Sunday ?

This is the inside of one of the cargo planes at the air show we attended Sunday morning. It is a free activity which is great for our family and if you go Sunday morning it is not crowded- which is another great thing when our family goes out :)

They had their faces painted. They made cards for vets at the VA hospital.

 They had grey hounds and of course my kids love dogs so this was a favorite.

This is the group putting their shoes back on.

Lots of smiles on the jumping toys....

Here we are waiting at the bus stop for the shuttle to take us back to our vans...We rode on school buses and for my little ones this was a hit too. I love how simple pleasures ( riding on a bus like Gracie does is such a big thing). It was beautiful weather and we were home in time for lunch since it was not so crowded Sunday am.. We have gone later in the day and we would have waited in long lines for the kids to get to do the activities so with our huge family we sometimes have to navigate our trips out like this...but it works . You will notice that 5 of the kids are missing....they had commitments at church and Jacob had to work.

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