Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arachnids are what we are into this week- spiders

We are studying spiders this week and God decided to help us :) It was foggy outside early on Monday . The air was full of water droplets and as I walked out our front door to go to some doctor appts. very early I saw hundreds of webs. I called to Leah to come out with my camera and to take some pics for us....She did a great job. I don't even really like spiders but I think the ones she took pictures of are really neat looking. By the time the sun came out you could not see very many of them. I actually went outside that nite and started to "talk" to them :) because I knew they were there- You just could not see them like we did with the fog outside.

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Emily Minich said...

Spiders terrify me! But, Leah's pictures are so beautiful I didn't even mind the horrid creatures! Lol.