Saturday, September 29, 2012

The twins first haircut...they make things so easy for us.....

These 2 are so easy all the time and so much fun. Some days I can't believe we have them home and they are ours....I mean look at these sweet smiles and such personality. They are doing so well.

Judah went first and he kept putting his finger in his ear as Leah cut....

Jesse watching and waiting for his turn. He looks a bit apprehensive but really he did not mind it at all.

Judah has such expressive eyes and mouth. You can also really see the difference in the boys sizes...Judah has always been the chunky one, more quiet and the biggest eater :)

Jesse is smaller and very verbal ( all english now) and he is the leader or boss of the two of them...unless Mady is around :) She is the queen bee for sure.

Lollipops were the reward . I think they would do anything for a lollipop.

We could all just eat them up....They have adjusted so well and life is more active, and louder but full of so much laughter and joy with these 2 around.

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