Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ava and Mary Kate

Ava and her momma (our daughter) Mary Kate
as she discovers some of Nanna's flowers...

Joseph, Naty and Ben- Baptised in August

We rejoice with Joseph, Ben and Naty after they were baptised .

Our cutie- Ava by the pool

She loved the pool this summer... age 7 months

on our way to NY

climbing a tree by the Hudson River

The big kids put up each little kid... this was Lily's turn

3 day field trip to the Hudson River

our sweet Ella and Ezra

Here is the new big sister and her favorite brother :)

releasing the butterflies

October Update

It is almost Oct. and we have much going on.... First we have been sailing along with our homeschool.... I challenged some of my children to get thru their math books and get up to their grade level and 2 have done a full book and are moving up one grade level .... woo hoo. The little ones are perfecting their reading skills and this is always a much better time after the initial beginning... we are in the swing of things as they say. We studied butterflies and I will post a pic of us releasing the ones we watched thru the stages.... New life is always exciting around here.

Speaking of new life... I was going to NC to visit my daughter, Jenn and her family on Sept. 14. Her church was having a baby shower for her ( She was due Oct. 10). She called at 2 pm and said she thought she was in labor and she was.... Ezra was born early Sat. am... healthy except for some jaundice and 4 weeks early. Her first ( Ella- now is 22 months was born 5 and half weeks early while we were on our adoption trip). So I was glad we did not miss Ezra'a birth. I was able to help out and we rejoice in this precious life.

We also have another "grand" daughter- Ava who was born on (my husband- her pawpaw's b-day) and she is almost now 9 months old.... We also have 2 grandsons born to our oldest daughter. With the number of kids we have we could have lots of "grand" babies :)

We are still waiting for our approval letters from USCIS and have escalated our request for them to adjudicate them ... as one of our children may age out. Anyway we have a peace about it as we know the Lord is in control... It is hard to think that the children have to wait longer.... without us because of our gov't red tape... the USCIS is not my favorite gov't entitiy to work with.... I think they are very insensitive to the needs of children and adoption.

We are looking forward to the cooler weather and all that it brings... campfires, pumpkins , hot soups, and falling leaves to play with.... I love the change of seasons and so do the kids.

We had our daughter, Anna at the teen cleft clinic at Hopkins and are very happy with their next recommendations... We will begin working on her jaw surgeries in a yr.... Our next surgeries will be for Luke's cleft and another nose and lip for Joseph's cleft. We have not had any surgeries since Luke's leg in April and the break has been nice.... Now we start once again... but the changes are amazing .

Luke is continuing to amaze everyone... He walks . It is so hard to imagine him not being able to walk upright and we are so grateful to Dr. Standard for his work with children like Luke. The Lord has gifted him with the skill of a surgeon and a heart of compassion.... We have been blessed by him and his team.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sept. 2007 update

I thought it was time that I shared an update. We start our homeschool Tuesday and the children seem excited to be starting again. It will be good to get back to the routine however I miss the easiness of the summer routine.

Luke is now walking without his braces or walker.... He does not need to wear the braces except at nite. We had his check with Dr. Standard Aug. 25 and were given the great news he only needs to wear the braces at nite.... This is months ahead of what they expected and so we are rejoicing that Luke is doing so well.

We just started a new church 3 weeks ago and feel so at home and challenged by all the wonderful teaching and people there. We already knew some. Today I met a little boy who was adopted from Guatemala. I had been able to help his parents with their paperwork and all so they could adopt him... It was one of my "made my day" experiences to see this happy family together...

We are in the process of adopting 5 more children.... from 2 diff.countries at the same time. We have our dossier almost done for our 2 little boys from Uzbekistan and a sibling group of 3 girls from Ukraine that we have been trying to adopt for 3 yrs now. We are only waiting on our approval letter from USCIS I 600 A... It should be here any day now.... and then we wait for our paperwork to process in country and be asked to travel for the adoption. It will be interesting to see which country we travel to first for our children... Uzbekistan or Ukraine. It is all in God's hand .