Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Been A Year Today Since He Was Placed in My Arms Forever

When I first met him - a tiny little thing.
Thanks to Kofi Jubal is alive today .

Finally home on May 23, 2015 with baby Gideon.

Surgery pre op in September to remove the foot tissue and revise the stumps for a better fit for his prosthetic legs. 

Gideon and Jubal

                                                                                 First Snow

Loves ice cream.

                       Learning to walk in his legs from November ....

Our happy little guy

Starting to take steps by himself - watch out world here he comes !

Placing his hand in Jabin's hand print....I wonder if he will remember his sweet brother in Ghana.

Well today we celebrate exactly a year that Jubal was placed into my arms. Joseph and I had traveled to Ghana to bring him home and many miracles had to happen first. We had his documents but not his passport. We were able to get his passport, have and pass his exit interview and travel home after being in Ghana just 2 weeks. God moved in ways that only He can to help us get Jubal home and look at him now.

He was just a mere 9lbs, hands tightly clasped, not making eye contact with us and showing very little emotions. After just 2 days we had him laughing . He had severe reflux and vomited all the time. Good thing all of my bio. kids did to because I was well equipped to deal with this issue and he quickly over came his reflux issues and gained weight. He now is pushing 25 lbs and eats every thing we do. He has surpassed all of his developmental markers and probably the most amazing is his language development. He remembers and sings complete songs that he hears. He repeats everything and speaks in full sentences. He is deeply bonded to all of us . He can name each member of the family and all of the Johnsons who are 11 more names. He is one of the littles and plays along with them. He can even count to 10. Some people might wonder about our mega, large family but honestly for children like Jubal it is the best stimulation mixed with love that happens here . This many around him to help, encourage and support him thru his life.

Jubal you bring so much joy to our family ! Can't wait for your next year.