Sunday, August 31, 2014

Polly and them lots of attention has really tamed them

Giving the birds lots of attention and love has made them trust...there are many children here of all ages and each one has been gentle and loving as they handled the birds. The reward for such patience and caring has been birds that the children can hold and really have a sweet relationship with. Polly and Checkers have such cute personalities too.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lots to share from Ghana...

Our grand babies - of my are they cute.

Spending time with our newest blessings...

After court celebrating

Meeting and loving on lots of children , holding lots of babies ( pure joy )

Meet Sara - a sweet little girl with lots of joy .

Her sister, Mary and they have a brother , Best. All 3 were sweet spirited children.

Playing with our kids at the pool, visiting Kofi's mission home that is almost completed. Our gifts of sheets will be used here.

Meeting little Kofi - He was abandoned ... probably because he has no legs and no hands. What an adorable baby who is already loved . 

We had a wonderful week in Ghana ....filled with many positive moments. Playing with our grand babies ( Mary Kate and Keith's twins ) began our week. They are very close to coming home and need to get home to begin treatment for their HIV. They have been gaining and doing well so far . We were able to have court for our 2 newest children . It was the first time Paul and I attended court in Ghana.  Exciting and emotional to hear the court decree being read with the children's last names as Briggs. They both expressed that they want to change their first names and they want us to choose them. We have not come up with the new names for now they are Sondra and Jr ( their Ghana names ). Then we traveled to see how Kofi, our coordinator's mission home was coming along. We also visited children in Kwahu unexpectantly. We traveled a couple of the days in the car 8 to 10 hrs to visit children...this is one of my favorite parts of my trips to Ghana. Actually I have traveled 5 times to Ghana in the past year and loved every one of those trips. We were able to have Sondra and Jr with us most of the week was a gift getting to bond with them even more. Then we met a very special baby boy....oh my were our hearts broken for this child...more to come later about this little one : )
We also got to spend a lot of time with our coordinator, Kofi. Each trip gives us such respect for this man who loves the children of Ghana. He works tirelessly for " his children". Most nites getting only 2 to 3 hrs of sleep. He works in not the best of circumstances with all the many facets of adoption . He is often challenged and still continues to work for the children....when the embassy changes it's protocols in midstream after being told one thing will work for an ID or proof of death he continues to do what is required. Getting the necessary documents , traveling to the village or making and answering numerous emails and calls are the extra things he does as well as dealing with adoptive families, birth mom's , foster home needs and embassy staff. We admire his heart and willingness to serve the Lord in this way. Yes it is part of his provision for his family but it is even more than that....and we appreciate and are thankful for his efforts. God bless you Kofi !

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We are thankful for His abundance in our garden

A garden is sort of like a life.....and especially a barren life with no love or nurturing...Even given a chance they will produce fruit...Orphans in loving families are like this too. No matter what they come from , no matter what their history is , no matter how devastating their life was before they become our child they can be restored with the Lord's help and the love of a family we have seen amazing transformations. 

Given the right soil, water and sun and protection (from animals, and bugs) it will flourish and produce.

We pick at least this much veggies each and every day....

We eat a lot out of our garden. I love this time of year because I never have to say things like, " no, you can only have one, remember others are eating after you ". Fortunately my kids all love veggies ...we have eaten a lot of tomato or cucumber sandwiches, squash casserole and tomato and cucumber salads fixed many diff. ways, wilted cucumbers and we have baked over 60 loaves of zucchini bread. 

Our once barren land produces veggies enough for us to share with the neighbors and our large family of 27 still at home. His abundance and blessings come and we are thankful.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Celebrating Judah and Jesse

Breakfast with Daddy and Momma before church

No naps but swimming all afternoon

Making monster faces

Azonto dancing and dancing- one of our kids favorite things to do. Turn up the music loud and move.

Finding the Hidden Glo Sticks and then throwing them up over and over and scrambling to collect them.

PiƱata sized just right for the little ones

Waiting to be gifted.....

Smiles knowing they are loved by many