Sunday, September 28, 2008

Abraham playing a special at our church

This is Abraham playing, "A Man After My Own Heart", by Gary Chapman at the services at church today. It is a beautiful song and he sang and played it with much emotion. He is our first adopted child. He has been home 23 yrs this December.... and he has blessed us many times with his music. He was also asked to play with " Cross Connection" a worship band here. He has perfect pitch, and can compose music and play very long pieces of music.... He does it all by "ear". I was so blessed to watch all the brothers and sisters... go up to him and pat him on the back or hug him, saying" you were great". I love how they support one another... it is like, as one of them accomplishes something in their life they all share in that in a special way.

Olivia and Rachel getting their COC at our local court house

Here is Olivia on Friday. She and Rachel were able to

take their oath along with 47 other new citizens at our

local courthouse instead of driving up 3 plus hours to

Pittsburgh, PA for this. Now all 5 of the new ones have their

COC's and we will get their social security numbers. Cate went along as the translator... what a
blessing to have bilingual kids. It was a very special ceremony.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aunt Elizabeth has such a giving heart- she visited us today and brought so many clothes for the kids... thank you!

Ava pictures... I wish someone would give her some attention- she really is lacking for some :)

Guess who turned 7 today?

Luke celebrating his 7th b-day. I love this picture because
Mya is smiling from ear to ear as Luke opens her
present (which was a used container of colored papers)
she had used lots of the papers out of it... but she nor Luke cared.

Reminds me of Molly who used to "recycle" her gifts
that she gave in just the same way. When she was done
with them Mary Kate got them as a present :)

Being silly-Isaac,Luke,Caleb,Josiah- Cate after she ate cake with blue icing,Naty,Rachel and Tia with some lips, Caleb and Jonas as "potato heads"

Monday, September 15, 2008

We had a wonderful weekend.... Jenn and her family were up.. We celebrated b-days including Ezra's first birthday. We attended my niece's wedding on Sunday... It was so much fun for the kids. Thank you Lord for family. Here are lots of pictures from this weekend....

Here is my daddy at the wedding... he is very lonely ever since my

mom died in March... It was good to see him smiling.

Jamie and Katie dancing... the kids loved the dancing part.

We have some cute videos of them dancing but I can not seem to get them to publish... oh well. We all had a great time... and Isaac asked me what do they do on their honeymoon mom? They were going to Las Vegas.... and he then asked do they just drive around and see things? :)

Lily's dress matched the flowers..

Jenn and Ben

Katie and my brother, Bill her dad walking down the walk...

It was an outdoor wedding and here we are waiting for Katie to walk down....It was the first wedding for the all the kids who were adopted from Ukraine. They loved it..

Wedding pictures

Jenn decided it would be good to take some pics since we were all dressed up....

Well the weather this day was hot and muggy... the wedding

was beautiful but very hot... Here are some more pics...

All dressed up and ready to go to a wedding

Some outdoor fun and the sun was shining on Sat.

Jenn and Ella twirling