Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Praise God" is what Kofi said :)

We heard late tonite from Kofi in Ghana, " Praise God for a successful embassy interview." and that is just what we did during our Bible time...Thank you Jesus for letting this happen...Now we just wait until they issue it....but we are hoping to hear soon that they did :) :) :) Three smiles for our precious children in Ghana who should be home very soon now.

Beach Bumming it....

At first Andrew did not like the beach..but that changed.

Gracie too was not liking it at first but that too changed.

Eli loves the sand but not the ocean water to much.

This is a roman shower- it has 2 shower heads and is huge...I caught Ezra and Ava playing in there.




Anna loves to do sand sculpter- pretty good dolphin.

Cate watching the kids...

This is how we fix our food and eat....That is meals for 31 people 3 times a day :)

We have had phenominal weather...We praise the Lord every day for this blessing.

Beach time fun....

Getting ready to leave home at 6 am- 3 vehicles plus a trailer.

Stopped for breakfast at McDonalds-2 hrs later

Lunch at a farm market 

First day at beach- Paul just bought this truck the day before. It has been great to have here.

Kids always love the hot tubs ...

Beautiful weather and it is predicted for the rest of the week...woo hoo !

Why do babies always eat sand ?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Please pray for our embassy appointment on Tuesday

Please pray for our embassy exit appointment at 7:30 am or 3:30 am-est. I am having trouble with blogspot ....when I fix it I have lots of pics at the beach :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beach Bound and Ghana News :)

We are all ready for a week at the Outer Banks....finally. You can imagine the planning, the packing and the excitement...over the top for all :) Last time we were at the beach was for Keith and Mary Kate's wedding. We all are so looking forward to this. I did decide to buy almost all of our food here because it is so much cheaper but the planning and packing was a huge job.... Joseph and Keith will be staying home and join us later. A very good friend is house sitting for us too. I bought treats for our dogs at home so they will feel special while we are gone . There will be lots of beach pics from the week...

On Tuesday while we are gone our embassy exit appt. for the kids visas in Ghana will take place...Please pray for that time. Because if all of it goes well we can be traveling to pick up our kiddos . We checked on the airfare already and we were shocked at how much more expensive it is than when we flew in Oct.. It would be a delight to be able to finally bring them home.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Roller Skating Fun

Yesterday one of our doctors- Dr. Toothman had a skating party for all of his patients and their families. It was a blast for the kids. We are so blessed to have wonderful doctors who love kids...Thank you for a special time Dr. Toothman and Barra. We loved it. They had prizes too and Rachel and I both won a 25 dollar gift card at Best Buy. I was surprised at how well they all did...Mya and Luke even got the hang of it. Gracie well lets say even being at the very loud rink was not a favorite of hers....So she sat by Andrew and momma and watched after she tried going around. She was to sensory overloaded by the experience and was happy being by momma.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It was this time of the year again...Strawberries are ripe :)

Here is a beloved friend at our favorite farm..thank you Ed.

Would you like some ? Luke seems to be offering ....They ate as much as they picked and then some. We picked just enough to eat on...because we leave for the beach. This was 2 lg. boxes worth... I made real shortcake and we ate that with most of the 2 boxes. Everything we do, eat or be is always huge :) Most " normal " families would never be able to eat that many strawberries for dinner I am sure. When we come home from the beach we are picking 8 boxes worth to make strawberry freezer jam - Yummy.

Splish Splash they were making a splash ...She made it :)

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones we take in the pool. So you will see lots of them. I also love our beach pictures ( We leave Sunday for a week at the Outer Banks) so you will see lots of those as well :)

They play the jump on the big ball game every year...Some make it and some don't...Lily perfected her technique years ago...so she always makes it.