Thursday, April 28, 2016

2 Things that have helped me work thru grief

Just sharing 2 things that have helped me get thru the death of Jabin. I thought it might help others going thru the same.

One is this song by Danny Gokey. I love all the words and what they mean to me . He lost his first wife to a heart issue and I believe was discovered on American Idol . Sometimes in the past year I have had to tell my heart to beat again as we worked thru the grief of loosing Jabin.

The second one is a book by, Levi Lusko called , Thru The Eyes of A Lion, Facing Impossible Pain , Finding Incredible Power. He lost his 5 yr old daughter, Lenya to an asthma attack just days before Christmas.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Celebrating our precious Jabin - gone from our presence but running with Jesus

This was the last time I held my precious Jabin ( March 2015 ) . Today we celebrated our dear son, brother's short but valued life....with a bubble party out back by our Jabin Garden. We had a cake too and remembered his sweetness thru our pictures and those of us who had memories with him. Thank you Jesus for the life you gave and the hope we have. We love you Jabin .

We are so happy to be able to watch Jubal experience his life to the fullest - healthy, wanted, never alone and deeply loved.