Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Look into the eyes of my precious ones in Ghana

I was missing them and wanted to write more and share more about them . It has been 3 weeks today that we said good bye. I hate good byes to my children...They are all ours now and that is a peace and a joy for us but it is tough being apart. This good bye for Sandra and Jr was difficult....they are ready to be home with us. I have said good bye to them 3 times since August and I have treasured each trip I have made and my visits with them.  This last trip in March they really opened up to me and shared. their heart and some of their sadness too. Sad because they were so poor that they did not have life experiences that even other Ghana kids have had. I am not a newbie to adoptions...I have done this now for 31 times and you think it might get easier for me during the times of waiting but it does not. I ache to hold all my children and to be able to kiss them goodnight each nite but we have to wait.

We are very close to bringing Sandra and Jr. home. It should not be anymore good byes for them and perhaps not for the babies too. The older two are ready to join their family. I hate they have to wait   as I have hated how the embassy handles these adoptions now for many of the families I know. I am worried about our John David. He is the one on the left. They are about the same age ... at least abandoned around the same time a week a part. John David is about the size of a newborn. I'd guess around 9 lbs. He swims in the 3 month size. He does not get enough nutrients and refluxes most of them. His tongue is tight and his hands stay shut most of the time. Jabin is doing well. Obviously the sooner he comes home the sooner we can teach him and stimulate his environment to help him . My ache for my babies is to be able to nourish and provide for their care . It is tough having them grow up as we wait for the process to continue but we know God has all of this in His hands. Actually thru the past yr and a half I have a peace about these 4 children and their adoption journey.

Eyes tell a lot to me about people...especially children. Often I bond easily with just a child's picture and looking deep into their eyes. My older two, Sandra and Jr are bored and wanting a life with opportunities. They were loved but know that you can't eat love or get anywhere just with that. We will keep in contact with their family in Ghana but this family can't take care of them. Mom can hardly take care of herself. Both of them are very smart and probably want to attend college some day. Possibilities are not high they could do this in Ghana or even make a living to sustain themselves. They have sweet and normal spirits of young teens. They have dreams and desires for a family. Both have not lived in a family setting for awhile because there was no food or care for them. They have compassion...the afternoon we picked them up , Sandra was down in the town visiting a friend. Her friend, was living with her grandfather, who was now very ill and taken to the clinic. Sandra was worried about her friend and trying to help her. Who will take care of my friend, who will help her now...were some of the questions she asked me.

My babies eyes show such a need for stimulation...they are held and taken care of but not like a family does. I saw delays that can be brought up to age appropriate behavior. They want forever love and even they desired to have food and to be held and rocked like all other babies. Soon it will be but for now we pray.

I look into the eyes of all my children and recognize the pain and hurt they have lived thru before they came home...some more than others . Now I see joy, a peace and a settled spirit that comes from knowing they are loved and cared for. We have our struggles but everyone does and the only way we believe to overcome them or walk thru this journey called life is by having our eyes focused on the eyes of Jesus...just like Peter when he stepped out of the boat. We try to keep our focus on Him who renews us each and every day.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

To Ghana and home

I travel a lot - 8 international trips last year and I saw this " noodle" at Walmart and bought it for my trip to Ghana last week...and I love it. I have tried those neck pillows but have never liked them . This folds and bends in all kinds of shapes and I used it many ways and it only cost 5.88 . It scrunched up to a small size and easily fit into my carry on purse. It will also be something I would use in the car when I am the passenger. 

One of my favorite times is to travel into the villages and bush areas of Ghana. We did that on this trip and it was a blessing to meet many of the people of Ghana. Of course the children have my heart and we always bring lollipops to share which are always a hit.

Here is an older man who sews for a living which is a common trade for them. 

This is the elder of our children , Sandra and Jr's family. This is the village where he lived until his death 12 yrs ago. 

This is there mom sitting beside him with Joseph and I. 

Saying goodbye...but very blessed to have met this man.

These were being made into a cooking oil that is used and sold all over Ghana.

Walking in the bush to the burial site of their father. We were told not to go off the trail at all or we might step on a newer grave site and fall in...so we were pretty careful how we stepped : )

Some of the roads we drove on that day... some places are only accessible by foot or a motor bike. We were told it was customary for them to offer us water...Kofi asked where the water came from and graciously saved us from that drink. Then a coconut was given to us to drink and chew on the white part. We both did do that. I did not like the taste of the drink in the coconut but the white flesh part was good.

Jabin sucking on his upper lip made me smile.

John David and Jabin - about 7 months old.

This is Best and his sister, Sara . They have a sister, Mercy who was at her aunts today. Love all 3 of these precious children. Very sweet kids.

Sandra and Jr stayed with us and it was so good to be with them and very hard to say good bye. We are just waiting on a passport to be corrected ( since November ). We have been told it would be printed next week and even contacted the passport office ourselves with no movement. However, the Lord had a different way and plan for us. When we traveled home we sat next to a Ghanian American woman who was traveling home to GA with her 7 month old daughter. We helped her during the 12 hr flight and we became friends. She travels and brings supplies to orphanages : ) She was singing to her little girl christian songs I recognized and we talked about our faith and our God. She said, " I know why you are sitting here. I am good friends with the head of the passport office. I will contact him for you when I get home. " Now you who choose not to believe in our amazing Lord can do that but not me. He continues to provide thru even strangers. 

We had a wonderful visit with our kids. Joseph was super and always doing what he does best....loving on his siblings unselfishly. It will be soon that Paul will be traveling to bring them home. Prayers for the end process and his travels are appreciated.