Monday, September 15, 2014

Some very exciting news to share

This is our new son and daughter , Sandra and Jr with Joseph in Ghana

We attended court and it is official - they are Briggs

Sweet spirits and very good in school. They are our first children who speak English well . They both were translating the twi for us even when we did not ask.

Then we met baby Kofi and fell in love with him even before we held him in our arms....

And then there was another baby boy, David who needed a family . We have been praying about adopting both boys together and we have decided to welcome both of these precious ones into our family. Kofi is missing his legs and most of his arms and hands. David is missing his feet and has an issue with his tongue . We feel both boys will benefit from being raised together and we will be seeing the same doctor for the orthopedic issues. We are well connected to our medical professionals and have lots of help at home . Please pray with us as we prepare for all of these blessings to come home.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Ninja Turtle, Ballerina Birthday to Isaiah and Lila

Ninja Turtle complete with glowing sewer green glop

Pretty ballerina with dancing sticks 

Pass the present and unwrap it when it lands on you

Making ballerina tutus 

Happy birthday Lila who turned 6 and Isaiah who turned 8 on back to back days in August. Jenn and her kids were up so we enjoyed the added celebrators .

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

End of Summer Fun

We love our pools and used them to the very last warm day...Maybe we will get a day or 2 more of swimming before we close them for the winter. 

The end of August brought a bruised l arm for Abby and Selah broke her 2 lower bones in her arm- both from doing cartwheels and tumbling : ( 

We had company come the last week of August - Jenn and the kids came up for a week while Jeremiah finished up in Haiti. We had a wonderful visit with them and are glad to have them closer to us now.

Calea who is very picky about who holds her let Aunt Jenn hold her many times. 

We did not start our home school until after Labor Day. Summer to us is just not over until then....however last week was one of our hottest weeks of the summer so we did minimal school and lots of PE in the pool : ) We have a week and a half then off to the beach for our last summer hurrah.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Calea our "grand" baby has grown up and now is part of the littles

Learning to walk

Getting lots of help from her uncles

And brother Milo is a wonderful helper too

Kloe loves her little sister Calea

Aunt Mya loves the cuddles

big sis Mady is pretty awesome too

I can read but I love my books up side down

Calea even let Aunt Jenn hold her ( Calea can be particular about whom she lets hold her)

She is almost 14 months and we have so much fun with her. Just can't believe she is this grown up.