Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Don't Remember This Much Snow in My Life

The morning after so much snow fell was gorgeous... Estimates are 30 to 38 inches fell in our area.

Zeke totally loved being outside in it....Sandra didn't even venture outside.

We live on a totally flat piece of land but with the huge shoveled snow piles the kids had sledding hills.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday - Celebrations just kept happening !

Paul traveled to Ghana to pick up Sandra and Zeke


Christmas morning chaos : )  

Jubal is coming along with his new legs and he gets a lot of encouragement.

We were visited by the "Donut Elves " - Robin , Curt Lowry and Johnny .

The kids have to wait to come downstairs... This was Jubal's first Christmas.

Stockings are hung by our smaller fireplace...then Paul holds them back for the tree with all the presents.

Jubal found his car, car.

Ben and Angie visited us.

We got to be a part of Jacob's marriage proposal to very happy for them.

We celebrated Zeke's first birthday...documents say he is 13 but I know he is actually younger. We will be changing his age when we do his readopt. He was all smiles as we celebrate him !!! No matter what age he is.

We went out to look at the Christmas lights and ended up at McDonalds for ice cream. That was 26 of us that nite.

Jubal is continuing to work on his walking skills

Lila got to call her Ghana mommy for the first time...It was a precious and special time. 

My older adults getting ready to go out on New Years - I love them . 

Celebrated Levi's birthday January 1. 

It has been a wonderful holiday - starting with the news from the embassy that Sandra and Jr ( Zeke ) would be home . Paul traveled to pick them up and was home the Monday before Christmas. It has been a great few weeks of them getting to know us and we them. Things are going amazingly well as they usually do. My kids do a wonderful time making room for the new ones in their hearts and home. I love seeing all the smiles, hugs and sharing of life here. Older child adoptions are very special....I thank God each time he has called us to adopt teenagers. The energy and openess they have for life encourages me. Yes, they do have issues but walking thru their journeys with them as they overcome and triumph is just amazing to be a part of.